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MEDICINAL: Antiseptic, diuretic, expectorant and
rubefacient. It is believed to stimulate the liver and
is beneficial to the heart and nervous system.

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Onion Granules

Onion is a basic flavouring in the kitchen. Used in soups, pickles and cooked vegetable dishes, sauces, hearty casseroles, and bean and lentil dishes. Onion granules often accompany meat, such as shepherds pie and meatloaf.

The onion, also known as Allium cepa, is a bulb-shaped vegetable.  It is in the same family as garlic which is why onion and garlic are usually used together.  Dehydrated onion is commonly used when fresh onions are not available. This can be the form of onion flakes, granulated onion, or onion powder.  It takes a total of 9 pounds of fresh onion to make 1 pound of dehydrated onion. Granulated onion is made from the ground up dehydrated onion and is probably the freshest type of onion you can get (besides fresh of course).  While onion powder might seem better to use in cooking, it can cake easily and therefore a lot of companies use anti-caking in their onion powders, always be sure to check the ingredients from the grocery stores.  Because the onions are dehydrated, they have a much longer shelf life than fresh onions.

How can I use Onion Granules?

While fresh is almost always better, sometimes it is not possible to have fresh onions, so onion granules are the way to go. It adds that homely taste that your recipe might call for.  We like to add them to dishes that need that onion flavor but not necessarily the texture of the fresh onion.  We also like to use onion granules when we do not have enough time to saute the fresh onions, or when we have not made it to the store for fresh onion.  Because onion granules are bulkier than onion powder, they are best used for rubs for meat or spice mixes.

Helpful hint: If your recipe calls for a fresh onion, you can use 1 teaspoon of granulated onion for the same flavor.

Onion Granules









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