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About Us

   Peter Bahlawanian and ex-partner Bronwen Tawse opened a Silver Lake spice emporium called Spice Station on November 17,  2009 . The original shop was in the iconic Sunset Junction, behind the famous Secret Headquarters boutique comic-book store, down an alley in a former antique furniture shop. The location soon became “THE” foodies destination for the likes of the late great Jonathon Gold to Moby. For eight years, if offered over 300 spices, herbs, salts, sugars, teas, peppercorns, chiles and over 200 custom blends, which are all available by the ounce or by the pound, here through our online store.


Bahlawanian also has been a lifetime producer in the entertainment industry but turned his passion for spices into a decade long business opening four retail more locations between 2010 and 2011.

The entire store was constructed from reclaimed wood, and the displays were from former pallets. Jars decoratively displayed the spices on shelves. Options include Indian fenugreek, Canadian coriander, Egyptian dill weed, Syrian Aleppo pepper, Granada nutmeg, Szechuan peppercorns and various items from around the world.

Colorful index cards listed the price, country of origin, uses and medicinal purposes, where applicable. All spices are ground free of charge, or you can take the whole pods, bark, roots, berries and seeds.

Weekend events on the brick-lined patio, which featured celebrity chefs and mixologists with cooking demos, spice classes, home bar tending and foodie inspired gatherings was the hottest ticket.

In May 2011, the first International location opened in the Mile End neighborhood of Montreal and then a second Canadian shop opened in the Monkland village.

           January 2017 was the last month open of Spice Station on Sunset

Bahlawanian decided to shut down all physical locations in 2017 and focus with online sales and wholesale distribution to restaurants, chefs and specialty shops that carry his brand. A few local retailers are Joe Barkeeper in Silverlake and Larchmont Village Wine, Spirit & Cheese.

Peter continues to develop new spice blends,  notable clients include:

Wolfgang Puck ~ Trois Familia ~ INK ~ Baco Mercat ~ Bestia ~ Bavel ~ Orsa Winston ~ Bar Ama

Kooshi Gourmet ~ Forage ~ Blue Bottle Coffee ~ The Wing ~ Proof Bakery ~ Muddy Paws Coffee

Little Dom’s ~ Howlin’ Ray’s ~ Squirl ~ Stellas ~ Smalltown ~ Petit Trois ~ Beer Belly ~


If you are interested in becoming a Spice Station partner or franchisee in your hometown, it will be a fulfilling and lucrative endeavor. Franchises start from 10K .


Every neighborhood should have access to purchasing the highest quality product at affordable prices. Our goal now is to facilitate this process.

Get more connected and learn more about cooking with spices by reading the Spice Station blog!