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Sichimi Togarashi, the all‐purpose spicy yet savory Japanese blend with notes of chile, Szechuan pepper, citrus, and sesame. Use in flavoring soups, noodle dishes, stews, meat dishes, fish, and fried and grilled foods.

In Japanese, Togarashi itself means chili pepper.  When you see Togarashi at a store, it is usually Sichimi Togarashi, or a blend of 7 spices all together.  If you want a spicy blend of togarashi, you should look into getting the ichimi togarashi, it is just straight chili pepper.

What is in Sichimi Togarashi?

Sichimi togarashi is a delicious blend of dried red chili peppers, sesame seeds, either black or white (or both), dried orange peel, dried seaweed, and a smidge of dried ginger.  Everyone has a little difference in their preference of this blend, some might even add hemp seeds, poppy seeds, or garlic to their blend.  This blend is not for the faint of the tongue, a little goes a long way and the heat can definitely be more than some can bare.

Traditionally, this Japanese spice is substituted for hot sauce. It does not have the same acidic taste that hot sauce can have, so this brings more depth and flavor to the dish it is being sprinkled on.  You can use this for anything, over your salad for a little kick, on your eggs in the morning, over a slice of pizza, or sprinkled on to your favorite sushi roll.  The options are endless when it comes to this spice.  It is a slower burn in the back of your palate, not too much, but just enough to make you think “wow, how have I never tried this before?”

For your favorite brands, you will have to go to an asian market to find the one you like, or we suggest our blend here.  Always the freshest and delivered right to your door.  

Spice Station Sichimi Togarashi.



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