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,This ground reddish berry has a pleasant mix of sour, sweet, salty and bitter flavors. Added to yogurt for a dip, dusted on grilled fish or mixed in with rice, sumac will give a fruit and sour flavor similar to lemon. Sprinkle liberally on a bowl of hummus for authentic color and taste.

Often associated with the poison Sumac tree, this spice is a completely different variety. This spice creates authentic middle-eastern flavors.

This seasoning, known for its homeopathic properties, plays a significant role in the food industry. Studies show that Sumac is an anti-inflammatory. Its uses are both medicinal and nutritional. It is also an industrial agent.

Sumac’s  properties have been found helpful as an antioxidant, colorant, food and animal feed supplement, steel inhibitor in sea water and much more. Its antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties make it a great and versatile tool in the food industry. Its uses include: food preservation and a natural food additive.

Use this seasoning in conjunction with additional middle-eastern seasonings, including, Za’atar.  Za’atar often includes Sumac.

Walking through the middle-eastern marketplaces you will most likely see it piled up on tables with other popular spices. it has been used for centuries in the same area of the world.

Before the romans learned of the lemon, they often used sumac due to its sour, and astringent properties. Now you can find this spice on on vegetables, chicken, lamb, or as an additional seasoning on hummus. It is especially popular as dry rub on grilled foods. You will also find it on or in the popular middle-eastern dish of  Fattoush salad.


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