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ORIGIN: France

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Thyme tastes delicately green with a faint clove aftertaste.  Leaves and sprigs are used in salads as garnishes and most famously in clam chowder, Bouquet Garni, garnishes for salads, as well as French, Creole, and Cajun cuisines. Our thyme from France is exquisite.

French Thyme is also commonly known as summer thyme.  It is a smaller and thinner branch than its cousin the English Thyme.  French Thyme also has a grayer color leaf and is sweeter in flavor than the English version.

Thyme is a staple in cooking in France, as it works well with veal, lamb, beef, poultry, fish & veggies alike. Add it into stews as well.  While French Thyme is a staple for French cooking, the most common form of Thyme is in fact the English version.  It is even called “common thyme” in grocery stores. They do compare in their notes of clove and mint, as this is a relative to those plants, but French Thyme is a softer and subtle flavor, traditionally saved for French cooking, and English Thyme is not as sweet.  If you only have one or the other and a recipe calls for the one that you do not have, generally you can use more French Thyme to get a similar flavor, but it will be known if you use English Thyme where it calls for French.  If you must, use half of the amount it calls for and you should be fine.

Like any other herb, French Thyme has some medicinal purposes. It has been known to topically help with rashes, burns, and acne.  When ingested, it is known to boost your immune system since it has antiseptic properties.  It is also used as a preservative.  It has properties that keep meat, ice cream, and other things from spoiling.  The Ancient Egyptians used thyme to help with their embalming process.

We have such fresh spices, you will not be disappointed with our Thyme, try it here.

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