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Bay Leaf, Turkish 1/2 oz



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This Mediterranean bay leaf, also known as Turkish Bay Leaf, is excellent for longer cooking times as it has a potent aroma.

The large dried leaves of the bay laurel tree are one of the best herbs for soups, broths, rice, and sauces, giving them a mild, delicious savory taste. Bay leaves are among the oldest known cooking herbs.

Turkish Bay Leaf is known to be milder and a little sweeter in flavor than the popular California Bay Leaf.  The California bay leaf is what is most known in grocery stores, it has a stronger menthol flavor to it, almost a eucalyptus flavor.  It is a stronger flavor so when you do not want to be overpowered by that flavor, Turkish bay leaves are the way to go.

Fresh bay leaves have way more of a kick to them, and they are almost all the Californian Bay Leaf. Most recipes will call for Turkish Bay Leaves as to not overpower the dish, but if you only have California Bay Leaves, we suggest halving the amount used in the dish.

There is a slight difference when it comes to the look of a Turkish Bay Leaf, and a California Bay Leaf. California Bay Leafs are longer and slimmer and have a point to them, while its counterpart is shorter and fatter, more oval-shaped, and may or may not have a point to it.

Most dishes will call for you to cook with or simmer with the bay leaf in it, then take it out before serving it.  This is because the dried or fresh bay leaf has a very tough texture and is not pleasant to eat.  It is not bad for you, it just adds flavor to the dish.  We even recommend storing your dried bay leaf in the freezer if you know you will not be using them right away, this keeps the flavor of them for a longer time.

This order comes in 1/2 ounce portions.

Enjoy our dried Turkish Bay Leaf here

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