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Cardamom, Green

Cardamom, Green


ORIGIN: Guatamala

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Green Cardamom has bright and strong flavors that have a camphor-like quality and citrus intensity. An ancient and highly-prized spice, its high price makes it a ‘festive’ spice. It goes well in sweets and pastries but is often used in savory meals too. The pods can be shelled to collect and grind the seeds or used whole in chai tea or Turkish coffee.

Cardamom grows as a tree called Elettaria Cardamomum. This is a tropical plant that is greatly used in India, the Middle East, and surprisingly Sweden. The spice is made from small seeds that are in a paper-like thin pod.  These pods come from where the plant flowers at the base of the leaf.  They are harvested before they get too ripe and drop their seeds.  Once the seed is harvested, it is dried either in the sun or a dehydrator.  Due to the labor-intensive harvesting of Cardamom, this makes it the 3rd most expensive spice.

Cardamom is a spice made from the seed pods of a tree that is in the ginger family. Green cardamom is found in the spice blend garam masala which can be used to season meat and vegetable dishes.   It can also be used to make an Indian rice dish, Basmati, by using the whole pods.  If you want to go a sweeter route, here is a recipe for a loaf of slightly sweet bread, cinnamon and cardamom twisted loaf.

Cardamom, Green

Any way you want to use this spice is known to bring a distinct flavor to your dish.  You can ground the seed pods, or use them whole. There are a few different types of cardamom, the most common form is this one, the green cardamom.  There is also a black and white version of this seed.  The white version is just a bleached form of the green cardamom and has a softer flavor. The black cardamom has larger pods and is also used for sweet and savory dishes.

We hope you enjoy these flavorful pods as much as we do.

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