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Garam Masala

A blend of several strongly aromatic spices designed to add flavour and fragrance to many Indian dishes. It also often used as a garnish. The literal Hindi translation of garam masala is “hot spices”.

As the translation suggests, this blend of spices serves the purpose of heating or warming the body and boosting the rate of metabolism.

Varieties of the Ingredients in the Spice

Before cooking with this spice, understand that its recipe tends to vary. The ingredients used for blending differ from one region to another because of individual taste and preference of a chef.

In the northern Indian region, this ground spices blend usually only employs the use of black pepper as the hot element and mostly puts more effort into having sweet, aromatic spices. Cook with this northern blend if you want the spicing to be milder.

In Southern India, the spice is much hotter because they use red chilies as part of the ingredients.


Cooking with this spice has been around for generations and its origin is thought to be in Northern India.  Northern India has colder seasons so it is understandable why the use of warming spices is more widespread there. At present, the use of the seasonings blend is spread throughout India.

What is garam masalaWhat is used to make the blend of garam masala?

Often the ground spices mixture is comprised of:

• Cumin

• Coriander

• Black pepper

• Cloves

• Cinnamon

• Nutmeg

• Cardamom

Other ingredients that may also be used for the different varieties or recipes of the seasoning blend include dried red chilies, fenugreek, turmeric, tamarind, mustard seeds, etc.

When a person uses garam masala, it helps enhance the flavors of dishes and reduces the number of other seasonings used. Adding it to your vegetables, chicken, rice, baked potatoes, even as simple as in your mayonnaise to liven up a sandwich can do wonders for you. The different ingredients used in the spice come with different health benefits including improving digestion and metabolism and increasing body temperature. 

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