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This moderately spicy, gingery, and garlicky blend gives an unmistakable, irresistible Asian taste. Mixed with tomato paste, vinegar, and/or oil, this Korean BBQ blend is great as a marinade for grilled meat or tofu. Also, try it in dipping sauces on the side.

Korean BBQ Culture

Korean barbecue starts with family and friends coming together to enjoy a delicious casual meal. Each guest cooks their own pieces of meat and vegetables (and wrap them in radishes or lettuce). The dish allows flexibility; each guest uses unique spices, sides and wraps to prepare a distinctive flair. Everyone is a chef, irrespective of one’s cooking expertise.

How to Prepare Korean Barbecue

Find a grill or a hot plate that will allow diners to stand around. You can use the traditional metal grill or a hot plate with chairs all around. However, remember to place the grill in a well-ventilated place since charcoal produces toxic fumes.

Besides pickled sides and other assortments, you will also need thin slices of beef or pork, rice, marinated beef (try our Korean BBQ blend), and wrappings (radishes and lettuce). The rule of thumb is to pass by an Asian grocery store so that you can buy assorted ready-made sauces and spices for your Korean bbq.

korean bbqMeat

What is Korean BBQ meat choice about? Korean barbecues have various meat options such as squid, pork belly, brisket, beef tongue, and short ribs. However, vegans can substitute meat with grilled eggplant, mushrooms, and tofu, among other options. Seasoning is everything.  You can buy prepared meat from an Asian market.

Ensure you have thinly sliced meat because they cook fast.

Serve Korean barbecue at home with various spices and sauces such as doenjang, ssamjang, and gochujang. Do not forget the fermented chili paste for a savory flavor. Preparing the pungent paste and other sauces may take a long to prepare at home; hence, order the ingredients from an online spice store or brick-and-mortar outlet near you.


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