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Malabar peppercorn

Peppercorn, Malabar Black



MEDICINAL: Pepper calms nausea and raises body temperature, making it valuable for treating fevers and chills.

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Malabar Black Pepper is the most widely consumed pepper in the world. It is grown on the southwest (Malabar) coast of India where peppercorn production first originated.  This is a small/medium sized berry, sometimes with a slightly greenish hue.  Noted for its complex spicy fragrance with a hint of cedar, Malabar peppercorn is versatile and goes especially well with beef.  It will hold its own with other strongly flavored dishes and is a favorite for everyday grinding.

Since Malabar peppercorn is often used in signature dishes, their versatility makes them very appealing. As an added bonus, if you are looking to use milder, but more exotic flavors in any given dish, Malabar won’t over-power them, or prevent them from being noticed.  That said, these peppercorns can easily compliment spicier seasonings and add a special kick of their own.

Pepper is still considered the most uses spice in the common kitchen, because it adds just a little bit of heat with a good and distinct flavor.  Of course, salt is a close second to this spice.

Peppercorns come from a plant called Piper nigrum.  The majority of peppercorn is picked right before the fruit is ripe, dried which keeps the black color, and then sent to distributors. There are even different colors of pepper if you can imagine!  Green peppercorns are from the same plant but are picked even before the unripe stage of the berry, then freeze-dried to keep that green color and a slightly different flavor.  White peppercorns are created by letting the fruit ripen, picking it, and submerging it in water for a while.  Once the flesh of the fruit comes off of it, then peppercorn is then dried and that is what gives it its white color. Pink peppercorns are from a different plant entirely called Schinus molle.  This fruit is slightly sweeter and once dried has that beautiful pink color.

You can get Malabar peppercorn either whole or ground.  We suggest buying them whole and then using a grinder or a mortar and pestle to get the freshest flavor from them.

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