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ORIGIN: Sri Lanka


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This combination of black, white, green and pink peppercorns is a great balance of flavors for the true peppercorn lover. Used preferably whole with a pepper mill, rainbow peppercorn complements all meat and poultry dishes to enhance any dish.

When you think of pepper, you probably think of finely ground little black flakes.  Who would have known that there are so many different colors of pepper!  The many colors that pepper comes in not only changes the flavor of the dish that you are serving but adds a little pop of color too.  Rainbow peppercorn is an aromatic blend of flavors that will liven up any dish.

Whole rainbow peppercornPeppercorns come from a plant called Piper nigrum.  The majority of peppercorn is picked right before the fruit is ripe, dried which keeps the black color, and then sent to distributors.  Green peppercorns are from the same plant but are picked even before the unripe stage of the berry, then freeze-dried to keep that green color and a slightly different flavor.  White peppercorns are created by letting the fruit ripen, picking it, and submerging it in water for a while.  Once the flesh of the fruit comes off of it, then peppercorn is then dried and that is what gives it its white color. Pink peppercorns are from a different plant entirely called Schinus molle.  This fruit is slightly sweeter and once dried has that beautiful pink color. Add these 4 together and you have rainbow peppercorn.

Whole peppercorns keep their freshness quite a bit longer than already ground peppercorns which is why we sell it that way.  These are hand-harvested peppercorns picked just at the right time and we deliver it right to your door.

Sprinkle rainbow peppercorn over a salad, season a juicy steak with it, mix it into fried rice or a pasta sauce.  It is so versatile and will add a kick of flavor fo your meal or, depending on how much you use, spiciness to it as well as a beautiful color.

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