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Italian Seasoning

Italian Supper


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This is the classic Italian seasoning for pasta sauces, soups, pizza, salads and as a rub for grilled meats. This seasoning blend includes marjoram, oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley, paprika, garlic, onion and a dash of heat.

Regardless of previous experience with this commonly used spice mix, consider additional uses. For instance, use this blend to create a beautiful, flavorful dinner with chicken, pork, beef, vegetables and even spice up your mac-n-cheese or use to to create a pesto.

Adding italian seasoning to any meal, can turn it from simple or average to bursting with flavor. It can turn a simple weeknight meal to a romantic evening for two. Add it to your boring box of Mac-n-Cheese or create delicious homemade garlic bread.

First, use this blend on something completely and out of the norm, such as hamburgers, meatloaf, salad, or even quiche. Second, try creating your own recipes to add to the list we have discovered of 50 recipes created with an Italian Spice blend, to woo your senses.

Check out our full list of spices and spice blends to see what else you can create to heighten your senses and think outside of the box.

Suggestions for additional meals that use this delicious blend include subs or sandwiches, chicken pot pie and even pierogies.. Use this blend in conjunction with Greek Oregano, Mexican Oregano or Rosemary for some truly magical and memorable dishes. 


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