An Introduction to Masala Chai: India’s Spiced Tea

The spices utilized in Indian Masala Chai were historically employed in medicine, in line with the Hindu approach to balance utilizing diet, herbs, and yogic breathing. Eventually, chefs discovered that these same spices greatly enhanced both sweet and savory dishes.

An Introduction to Masala Chai: India's Spiced Tea

Secrets behind Thai Green Curry

Secrets behind Thai Green Curry Thai green curry is a popular Thai dish. Its popularity may be due to both its fresh green look and its sweet vs spicy sour…
Thai green curry

Health Benefits of Turmeric

What are the Health Benefits of Turmeric Turmeric, in addition to being a popular spice used in many cuisines around the world, is also a staple ingredient in many supplements,…

Three Indian Delights – Easy Indian Recipes

Check out these 3 Easy Indian Recipes below! Think beyond curry. These unexpected spice blends from India are exciting and totally different from the average Indian fare. They also make…
easy indian recipes

Panch Pooran Potatoes Recipe

This authentic East Indian recipe uses Panch Pooran, a classic blend of five savory spices. The whole seeds pop during cooking, releasing a delicious aroma and adding great flavor and texture to an otherwise simple dish.

Panch Pooran Potatoes Recipe

Mango Mukwas Yogurt Sauce Recipe

A fragrant, sweet Indian yogurt dip or sauce (raita). Traditionally, raitas are used as a mild sauce or side dish to mellow down spicy dishes, and to improve digestion.

Mango Mukwas Yogurt Sauce Recipe

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