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Tellicherry peppercorn

Peppercorn, Tellicherry Black



MEDICINAL: Pepper calms nausea and raises body temperature, making it valuable for treating fevers and chills.

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Tellicherry whole black peppercorn are left on the vine longer so they develop a deep, rich flavor. Considered the finest pepper in the world, these extra-large berries come from the Malabar coast of India.

The difference between regular black peppercorns and Tellicherry Peppercorn is the size.  It also has a much more mature and distinct flavor.  The berries for black peppercorn are picked from the vine just before they ripen and turn red. It’s best ground directly on to food. With hot food it is best to add pepper well towards the end of the cooking process, to preserve its aroma and flavor.

Tellicherry black peppercorns have been the most traded spice since they are only known to one region in India.  They are now one of the most common spices used around the world.  This “king of the spices” also has some medicinal purposes to them.   It is known to be high in antioxidants, which helps eliminate free radicals from your body.

Tellicherry peppercornBlack peppercorn has a component called piperine in it.  This component has been known to have anti-inflammatory uses which could help in joint pain.  Piperline can also help with brain function, including helping with Alzheimers disease.  Black pepper also has been known to lower cholesterol, and even have cancer fighting abilities.  This component of piperline has shown promising results in laboratory studies to kill out cancer cells. Why not add a little pepper to your diet for these health benefits?

Tellicherry Peppercorn have become a staple in households worldwide.  With its subtle heat and bold flavor, you can add it to almost anything for a boost of flavor.  Some like the simplicity of marinating meat or chicken using just salt and pepper.

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