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MEDICINAL: Pepper calms nausea and raises body temperature, making it valuable for treating fevers and chills.

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From the Piper nigrium flowering vine, green peppercorn originates in India and has been used since prehistoric times. So, what makes them different than your typical black peppercorns? Green peppercorns are simply unripe black peppercorns. They are usually preserved in vinegar or brine and served in pickle form. If you get them in their dried form, they must be used quickly as they dry out and go bad fast. You will most likely see green peppercorns in Thai or other Southeast Asian cuisines and their flavor is much more potent than their counterpart black peppercorns.

The pepper vine berries are harvested in different stages and produce green, white, or black pepper. Green peppercorns have a very fresh and zesty taste compared to other peppercorns, and they lack in the fruity spice that most other peppercorns have. This is because they are picked before they are ripe, and pickled in order to maintain flavor. Green peppercorns can also be bought freeze-dried or dried. These brittle and dehydrated green peppercorns are popularly used in fish dishes and marinades, and can very easily be pulverized to use in curry or cream sauces.

The mild peppery flavor makes for a delicious and delicate node on anything from the above mentioned, to steaks and other meats as well as vegetables. Our favorite recipes that include green peppercorns are mango shrimp raclette, beef fillets with both green and pink peppercorns, and Petaluma duck schnitzel. Green peppercorns are not very tart but they are definitely full of heat, which makes them suited to perfection for lighter foods such as vegetables, fish, and chicken.

Like any other spice, store green peppercorns away from light and heat, and use them within a year. If you get dried green peppercorns, it’s best to start using them quickly before they become dull and brittle. Opened pickled green peppercorns should be stored in the fridge – in which they will keep for a couple months.

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