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This ultimate Mexican cocoa-based spice mix is easy to use for making that special mole sauce for Chicken. Keynotes are chocolate, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, and 6 types of chillies, from cascabels to new Mexico. This blend is mild to medium-hot, but you can spice up the blend by adding different types of chillies to it.

Where did Mole come from?

The term mole originates from the word mōlli of the Nahuatl (or Uto-Aztecan) language, which translated means “sauce”. The traditional ingredients in mole is an elaborate and sophisticated layering of flavors, extracted through a timely process from a variety of dried chilies, seasonings, spices, and fruits. Since the recording of the first written recipe in 1810, mole has been named the national dish of Mexico, and historically has been reserved for special occasions or holidays. Over the years the whole world has come to embrace mole, so much so that as of today there are more than 300 different moles with varying colors such as yellow, red, green, and even black.

Mole Poblano: One of the most popular moles in the US and Mexico, this mole has a soft flavor with a reddish touch to its predominantly brown color.

How can I use Mole?

Mole is commonly utilized in a variety of different ways, these include being served over rice, eggs, chicken, beef, or pork. It is also used as a smothering sauce for burritos, a base for taco fillings, and a topping for enchiladas which are then referred to as enmoladas.

Our Ultimate Mole is fresh and will not disappoint.  It is a labor of love making Mole, which is why it is usually saved for special occasions and not an everyday food. We recommend keeping your mole fresh by storing it in an airtight jar like a small mason jar.

Check out our Mole here.

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