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Thai Green Curry


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This is a Thai style green curry powder with typical flavors like lemongrass and galangal. This green mild curry works best with coconut milk and prawns.  It is also best when served over a bed of jasmine rice or whichever rice you prefer.

Thai green curry is a popular Thai dish. Its popularity may be due to both its fresh green look and its sweet vs spicy sour taste. Its aroma and slightly spicy taste also make it an appealing oriental culinary delight.  It is not only very popular in Thailand, but it has also gained popularity around the world.  People are flocking to curry. 

But what is the secret behind its appeal that makes this Thai curry a delight to the palate? The secrets are in the ingredients and the cooking. It is a delicate process of combining and balancing opposite flavors like sweet vs spicy.  Thai green curry gets its color from green chilis, hence its name.  They have other curry dishes all associated with their colors, hence red curry, yellow curry.  

You can make your Thai curry vegetarian or you can add chicken to create a full meal.  Cooking the chicken while preparing the curry in coconut milk is one of the best ways to go with this dish.  Chicken is such a great way to incorporate protein into your meal and not take away from the flavor of the dish.  With this dish, there is a special sweet yet savory and spicy complexity that comes from it.  Sweet from the palm sugar that is usually included, spicy from the chilis, and savory from the fish sauce that is also usually included.

You can buy Thai green curry paste in most grocery stores, but the flavor is not there like it is with our blend.  Try our Thai green curry blend today.

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