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Madras Yellow Curry, Mild

Madras Yellow Curry, Mild


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This Madras yellow curry is the perfect Indian blend for those people who prefer little or no heat, but still want tons of flavor.

Is there a difference between Madras curry powder and regular curry powder?

To answer the question simply, yes there is a difference. Both of these curry powders have a lot of the same ingredients.  There is Turmeric which gives them both that beautiful yellow color and then they both have cumin and fenugreek spices which adds the distinct flavor. So why is there a difference in these two powders? The main difference is the heat that the Madras brings, so a little spicier than the curry powder. This heat comes from chili peppers that are added into the spice blend, so it can have a little bit of a different color than regular curry, a little more red and darker.

There is another difference between these two spice blends. Curry powder is generally available in almost every grocery store, while the Madras curry powder is more of a specialty order. With our madras yellow curry powder, we have given you more of a milder blend.  You will get all of the flavors you are craving but not have to worry about too much heat with this spice.

As with all types of curry, they all tend to have a little different flavor anywhere you go.  Some curry is labeled as sweet, others as very spicy.  You will need to decide the amount of heat you want in your dish.  If you love the flavor of curry and want to try a little more of a kick to it then this is the spice for you. We add just the right amount of heat to this curry so you can have that authentic Indian flavor that you are looking for.


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