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This blend was originally created for a restaurant in Montreal for their new roast beef sandwich they wanted to add to their menu. It was such a big hit, they started using it on their steaks. After 2 months, they were voted BEST STEAK in the CITY! For those who are looking for that UMAMI flavor to add to almost anything, the Porcini Rub is for you.

What is Umami Flavor?

The Japanese word for a pleasant savory taste is “Umami”.  The umami flavor has become very popular over the last few decades. It has become so popular that in the ’80s, it was added as one of the basic taste groups.  So not only is there sweet, salty, savory, and bitter but now umami has been added to that.  This flavor can be described as brothy yet meaty, a true savoriness that lingers.  Mushrooms are known to have that umami flavor, as well as soy sauce, seaweed, miso, even parmesan cheese.  

Why Porcini mushrooms?

Porcini mushrooms are most famously known to be grown in Italy, they are one of their most famous mushrooms.  They have a meaty yet nutty flavor which makes them a delicacy.  They are not as commonly found as other types of mushrooms which is why they are used in more gourmet types of food.

Health Benefits of Porcini mushrooms 

Not only are these mushrooms flavorful and used to heighten certain dishes, but they also have many health benefits.   They are a great source of fiber which helps with your gut health, and protein to help with muscle growth and satiety.  They have plenty of antioxidants which are helpful for keeping your immunity up as well as iron, an essential mineral. 

Whether you are looking to season a steak, or top a sandwich, this porcini rub will heighten any meal with all of its flavor and health benefits.  

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