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Kafta Kebab

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Kebabs have become very popular in Western Food culture over the last few decades and are commonly referred to as “shish kebab” at cookouts and American menus. Shish kebab is translated to skewer of grilled meat and encompasses many variations of the kebab. Kafta Kebab is a type of shish kebab with different seasoning.  Marinate rub with cubes of sirloin combined with fresh veggies – makes the beef extremely flavorful.

Kafta Kebab

Kafta is basically ground beef mixed with a few fresh ingredients and a spice to help give it the flavor that most middle eastern counties use.  Most people like to form them onto skewers, make them into kebabs, and grill them, but you can also shape this meat into patties and grill them that way, or if you do not have a grill or the weather is not cooperating, you can prepare them in the oven.

This type of dish is typically served with fresh pita bread, hummus, and a salad. Not just any type of salad will do, the best ones that go well with this dish are Tabbouleh or Fattoush.

Where does this dish originate?

Kafta comes in various forms from the Middle East and Mediterranean parts of the world. There is no right or wrong way to make this dish.  Some make it with beef, some make it with lamb. It is minced or ground meat, shaped the way you prefer, with a similar texture to a meatball.

With so many ways to make this dish, and so many flavors to try, you can not miss out on this delicious and easy meal.  We will do the preparation of the kafta kebab spice for you and deliver it to your doorstep, so all you have to do is make it and mix it in.

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  1. Paige

    It’s too bad there are only 5 stars. This is the perfect rub. It’s particularly great on beef but I use it on everything, including greens like collards and spinach. This is so good that I rub it on meat before I marinate it because the flavors soak into the meat and really come through. This one is an absolute must have.

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