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The cumin seed is one of the most common flavors in Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisine, this seed is fresh, pungent, sharp and definitely unmistakable. Tex-Mex cuisine is lost without it, and taco seasonings always have a large dose included.  Try toasting the seeds and adding them to breads, or whip up your favorite curry recipe with our extra fresh supply.

Cumin is a spice that has been used for many centuries.  Cultures that are known to use cumin as a staple in their foods are Mexican, North African, Indian, and the Mediterranean. The cumin seed spice is the perfect ingredient when you want to add warmth and earthiness to a variety of dishes. The spice really stands out from other spices because of the flavor it adds, even though it has a peppery aroma, it does not taste like pepper.  Cooking with cumin will definitely make your food more flavorful even if you are not a very experienced cook.  

Some Background Information On The Spice, Cumin Seed

The spice currently dates back 4,000 years and was being used by the Egyptians during the Bible times. If you are unfamiliar with the spice you may ask yourself, what does cumin go with? The spice goes excellent with meats, vegetables, stews, and soups. This particular spice breaches all cultural barriers and can be used to warm and spice any food. Here in the United States, this spice is in the top 10 when it comes to being purchased by consumers.  Cumin comes as whole dried seeds or as a ground powder.

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