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A unique combination of seven chiles:  hot, sweet, and smoky blend that can be added to any dish. This chile blend spice really peps up any meal.  It can be used as a marinade or sprinkled into your food as you cook.  To really get the full flavor, we suggest adding into a croc pot of any homemade chili recipes, it will add a kick that will get people asking what it is.

Health benefits of chile powder can help people lose weight and keep it off

Weight is an important part of one’s health. And chile powder can help people burn fat or maintain a healthy weight. The powder is a known appetite suppressant. This means that meals using the powder are more filling. It’s also thermogenic which helps burn fat at a faster pace than normal. Finally, it’s a flavor enhancer with very few calories. It’s roughly half the calories of sugar per tablespoon. And the powder is roughly 1/4th the calories of cooking oil per tablespoon.

  • Helps burn fat
  • Appetite-suppressant
  • Thermogenic
  • Low calorie

Chile powder alleviates coughing

One of the most important health benefits of chile powder comes from a substance called capsaicin. It works through a wide variety of different pathways within the body. But anyone who’s coughed while tasting something spicy may have experienced one of its most notable properties.

Capsaicin activates the transient receptor potential within one’s body. It starts by actually increasing one’s cough. But eventually, the transient receptor potential reaction is overwhelmed and it essentially shuts down for a while. Basically, one can think of the powder as a way of shorting out the cough reflex for a while. It’s best administered through a liquid that can coat the throat. Mixing 1/4th tsp chile powder into a cup of warm water is all it takes to find relief.

    • Mix hot water and powder
    • Drink the mixture while trying to maximize contact with one’s throat
    • Wait while the capsaicin first triggers then suppresses the cough reflex

You can find our blend of chile powder here.

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