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Fumee de Sel by Le Tresor


ORIGIN: France

Uses: Finishing, roasting, spice blends, salads, meats, seafood, sauces/soups

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Fumee de Sel by Le Tresor is unlike any smoked sea salt available. Fleur de Sel is cold smoked with Chardonnay oak chips to preserve the mineral content and natural flavor of the salt.
Le Tresor – Fleur De Sel is smoked from seasoned French oak wine barrels, which for years have been used in the aging of fine wines. The five to seven year old barrels are hand selected for wood smoking chips.
Starting with salt crystals that are hand raked in France and ending with the all natural smoking that has to be done in very small batches. This unique smoked salt is hand made from start to finish. The crystals are smoked to a light toasty brown and have a deep smoke flavor without being bitter. The moist Fleur de Sel crystals readily absorb the natural smoked flavors of the oak and chardonnay.

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