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Cayenne Chile, Hot

Cayenne Chile, Hot


ORIGIN: India/Africa

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A wonderfully fresh version of the common chile, our hot cayenne chile is used in everything from curries to chutneys. This is a clean heat that can intensify flavors much like salt or lemon. An interesting twist is to dust this over papaya or mango in the Caribbean tradition. The African source of the cayenne creates a classic flavor profile but with more than double the heat of the Indian. A must for Cajun and Creole dishes.

Traditionally, the hotness of foods is measured on the scale of Scoville heat units, or SHU’s.  Cayenne Chile peppers typically range from 30,000 SHU’s to 50,000 SHU’s!  When you compare that to a traditional jalapeno, which is usually around 5,000 SHU’s, that is some significant heat that this pepper is bringing!

Ways to use this spice is buying it already in powder form and sprinkling it in pasta dishes or chilies, as well as what was mentioned above.  If you buy the red pepper flakes, which are also very popular at pizzerias and Italian eateries, this can be sprinkled on salads, or pizzas, or plates of pasta!  This spice has also been making a comeback in Asian cuisine to add a kick.  Or make fresh salsa and add some for some extra heat.  The possibilities are endless.

Cayenne Chile has grown in popularity over the years because of the health benefits that come from taking this spice.  People have been encapsulating cayenne pepper to ingest, or mixing it with lemon juice and drinking it.  Either way, the compound that gives these spicey Chiles their heat is called capsaicin.  This compound is known to be a pain reliever as well as an appetite suppressant.  The appetite suppressant part is why it became so popular with a lot of dieters.

Our hot cayenne chile will delight your palate, check it out here.  We also have mild and extra hot to choose from!

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