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Aji Verde Peruvian

Aji Verde Peruvian


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Aji Verde

Peruvian green sauce is also known as Aji Verde is a spicy bright green condiment typically found in any Peruvian restaurant. It’s typically served alongside roasted chicken, grilled meats, rice, and beans but I also love it over my eggs, salad, or anything that needs a kick of flavor! It is often mixed with mayonnaise, lemon juice, or olive oil and used as a spread.

This is our dry rub of the spice blend, everything you need is here dried.  Our recommendation is to blend this with mayonnaise and some lemon juice, a little olive oil if it needs it to get that creamy consistency.  Another secret ingredient that you can add is cheese.  That gives it even more of a creamy texture and adds a little saltiness that it sometimes needs.   Be prepared, this is meant to be spicy!  It is a blend of dried jalapenos and cilantro and garlic.

We use this as a dipping sauce for our favorite, fried yuca.  Consider this as more of a salsa if you will, a blend between aioli and a typical spread or dip.  It can be used as a marinade as well to really kick up your cooking.  This is what chimichurri is to Argentinian food.

Making Aji Verde is very simple, especially when you have our blend as a base. Using a blender will probably help mix it all together to make it smooth.  A little tip is to add in the mayo and lime juice first usually helps with the consistency of blending. If it is not salty enough for you, adding more cheese can help or a pinch of salt.  Put in a glass container for dipping or a squeeze bottle for drizzling, either way, you will not be able to stop eating this delicious spread.

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