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Witch’s Brew Herbal – Virus Killer


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Witch’s Brew Herbal Tea

This is a calming, pleasant herbal tea that will help you fight the common cold.  Witches Brew will help with breaking up phlegm in your chest and busting up the flu, killing viruses before they compromise your immune system. It will also help warm the extremities, can help with getting sound sleep, and helps bloating and an upset stomach. Although Witch’s Brew is fine for both men and women, it is especially good to help with cramps and PMS due to the anti-inflammatory properties that all of the herbs and spices have in them.

I consider this specific blend as the super spice/ herb/ root/ bark/ seed/ leaf/ flower all combined edition.  I enjoyed adding things that I knew would taste good and help the body rid of viruses.

With all of the natural ingredients in this herbal blend, it is very high in antioxidants which help fight off free radicals.  If you give your body things that are good for it, it will in turn continue to run how it was meant to run.  For those days when your immune system is compromised, turn to witch’s brew to help lift up your spirits and body again.

INGREDIENTS:  Linden flowers, lemon verbena, ginger, elder flowers and berries, rose hips, cloves, peppermint, oregano, birch bark, goji berries, raspberry leaf, rosemary, orange peel, dandelion, turmeric, nettle leaf, honey powder, blackberry leaf, angelica root, wild cherry bark, spearmint, gentian root, borage, tulsi seed, cinnamon and more.

***** THIS IS NOT A MAGICAL CURE TO ANY OF THE AILMENTS MENTIONED, simply a holistic and natural herbal alternative for those who want to build the immune system and help fight these ailments. We are not medical doctors and do not consider this a treatment for severe illnesses.*****


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