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Salty-Caramel Sugar


Sweet: Top a fresh berry tart with whipped cream and sprinkle with blueberry sugar.
Fresh: Toss with fresh spinach, walnuts and a vinaigrette for a fruity summer salad.
Savory: Sprinkle over grilled salmon with balsamic vinegar for a sweet demi-glaze.
Liquid: Rim a blueberry cosmopolitan or a virgin pina colada for a frosty treat.
Twist: Mix blueberry sugar into pancake batter for a sweet, blueberry addition.

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Our newest sugar to our collection, the Salty-Caramel sugar tastes better then it sounds! A balanced combination of salt and caramel infused to the sugar cane gives you a delicious topper for popcorn, cupcakes or crepes in the morning. And if you run out of ideas to use it on, just add some to your vanilla ice cream and lick away.

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