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Special Grade Custom Crop with flowering jasmine blossoms / Antioxidant-Rich – A ‘Pearl of a White Tea’ from the Tai Mu hills/Fujian Province in Southern China.
The tippy ‘Silver Needles’ and leaves of this tea are picked only a few days a year. The gentle ‘steaming and drying’ process in the open air allows the White Tea to create its sweet and fresh aroma and soft taste.
The Silver Needles are tied together in the shape of a large button and hold jasmine blossoms in the center. During the infusion the button will open and expose stringed-together yellow jasmine blossoms that will slowly raise to the top of the beverage. Also known as ‘display teas’, this ‘Jasmine Flower’ selection is prized for its special flavor.
Only small amounts of the tips are harvested and made available to the market.
The infusion is clear and pale with a delicate jasmine scent. Serve as a healthy, cleansing and refreshing all-day tea or as an ‘Entertainment Tea’ at dinner parties. Makes many infusions.

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