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Cocoa Mate Rooibos


Mateine (caffeine) content: Low

Preparation: Bring fresh water to the boil. Warm up tea-pot by rinsing it with hot water. Fill one teaspoon per 6 oz cup of this ‘Yerba Mate’ into the preheated tea-pot. Pour the boiling water into the tea. Let infuse up to 7 Minutes and serve. Remove infuser or pour your tea into another tea pot or thermos carafe. Using an infuser or ‘Permanent Tea Filter’ for your cup or pot makes it easy to separate the leaves from the beverage. Store cool and dry. Mate can also be drunk out of the Mate bowl ‘Calebasse’ using the ‘Bombilla’, the Mate drinking straw. STORE COOL, DARK AND DRY!

ORIGIN: Brazil / Argentina / South Africa

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Chocolate-Latte Tea / Very popular herbal selection / Ilex paraguariensis / Yerba Mate and Red Rooibos leaves with notes of CHOCOLATE & nut.
A blend of grated, briefly roasted Original Mate Tea from Brazil and Argentina with added Rooibos from South Africa. This most popular Mate Blend can be served as great after-dinner or dessert beverage.
Mate contains stimulating mateine (caffeine) and theobromine, similar to Green and Black Tea, and chocolate.
Also an ideal beverage to complement a slimming diet.

Ingredients: Roasted Mate from Brazil and Argentina, Rooitea from South Africa, cocoa nibs, marigold blossoms, roasted chicory root and carob.

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