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Ajwain Seeds for Cooking

With a taste similar to thyme, although more powerful with notes of celery and pepper, Ajwain, pronounced as uj-wine, is an exciting and unusual spice. Native to southern India, Ajwain is most commonly added to chutneys, curried dishes, breads and legumes. It’s related to cumin and parsley, and is also known as carom and bishop’s weed. Due to it’s pungency, a little bit tends to go a long way.

More About the Ajwain Seed

The ajwain seed, also known as Trachyspermum copticum starts as a small plant, can grow up to two to three feet tall. The plant blooms small white flower petals in umbels that then turn into seeds. By the end of winter/ early spring, the olive green/ brown seeds are ready for harvesting. There are many health benefits to the ajwain seed, read more here about its history and many, many uses.

Try some fresh ajwain seeds today in your cooking! You’ll notice the difference!

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