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Robusto Smoked Sea Salt

Robust is our newest hearty smoked sea salt, crafted and perfected in Woodinville. Pacific sea salt flakes are cold smoked with a proprietary blend of real hardwood and fruit wood logs to create distinctive and robust smokehouse flavor. The dense smoke flavor is the perfect addition to spice blends and rubs. This salt is also an ideal addition as a manufacturing ingredient in everything from chips to frozen entrees to add that delicious, smoky touch. This salt is a cost-effective way to add our extra bold, smoky flavor to your product or dish!
Used for

  • Finishing, roasting, grilling, spice blends, red meat, poultry
  • Characteristics: Optically Clean┬«, Organic compliant, all natural, Kosher
  • Ingredients: Natural smoked sea salt


ORIGIN: USA - Washington State Pacific Ocean

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