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Rare Traditional Selection / Mild Ceremony Usu (Thin Tea) Choice / Stone Ground / Japan's Uji Region teas are plucked in four periods during the growing season. This very mild Organic Uji Usu Edition (Thin Tea) tea is the best one Japan has to offer.
The small Gyokuro leaves are shade grown and harvested starting the end of May after beeing covered for 20 days in 90% shade (more chlorophyll / less tannin / darker leaf / sweeter taste). The chopped leaf becomes the 'Tencha' that is ground into 'MATCHA', Japan's ceremonial tea.
Serve as ceremonial, occasional or special after dinner tea and a cleansing beverage. Many customers use this Matcha as an ingredient for Power drinks or blend it into other green tea varieties to enhance the antioxidant level.

Theine (caffeine) content: Medium


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