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Aleppo Pepper is a “culinary casualty” of the Syrian War

The civil war in Syria is not only a humanitarian tragedy, but is also disrupting the global spice trade.

Syria’s rich, ancient food culture and balmy climate make it a top producer of many popular Mediterranean herbs and spices ou peut on trouver du viagra. The Spice Station’s supply of top quality syrian sumac, cumin and za’atar has been cut off. Although we are able to find other sources of those herbs, the unique Aleppo pepper is only available from Syria.

We may still be able to source this pepper for a time, but when supplies run out it may be a long time before we can get more. Aleppo is one of the regions most affected by the war.

Aleppo pepper fans will have to substitute Marash or Antebi pepper flakes from nearby Turkey.

As the tragic violence continues, we hope that the many Syrian farms and farmers that supply us will one day be able to peacefully return to their lives and provide the world with their unique and wonderful spices.

For more info, see this article that describes the issue in more detail.

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