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Tomato Powder

Spray-dried tomatoes that have been turned into a fine powder. The rich tomato flavor of this powder can be used to make tomato juices, sauces, and pastes.

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Price: $2.50/oz
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This ground relative of ginger gives curry powder its rich yellow color. With a musty base flavor it combines classically with Indian lentil and vegetable dishes. Try it in rice cooked in coconut milk for a vibrant, full-flavored side dish.

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Vanilla Bean

Next to saffron and cardamom, vanilla is the worlds next most expensive spice. Vanilla’s mellow fragrance enhances a variety of sweet dishes: puddings, cakes, custards, creams, soufflés and, of course, ice cream. Classic examples include crème caramel, peach Melba and apple Charlotte. Sold by the bean.

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MEDICINAL: Believed to cure impotence.
ORIGIN: Indonesia
We sell the Vanilla Bean by the strand.

Price: $5.00/oz
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Wasabi White

As one of the most prized crops from Japan, the pungent flavor of Wasabi lends itself to a great range of culinary uses.

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MEDICINAL: Kills a number of different types of cancer cells, reduces the possibility of getting blood clots, encourages the bodies own defenses to discard cells that have started to mutate, and acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent against food poisons.


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