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It takes 75,000 blossoms or 225,000 hand-picked stigmas to make a single pound of saffron, which explains why it is the world’s most expensive spice. Find its delicate flavor in puddings, ice cream, festive breads and cookies, fragrant rice pilafs, paellas, and risottos. One or two strands are a delight in green tea or hot milk.

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Medicinal: Calming and mood boosting, and has been studied as an herbal anti-depressant. Also helps hormone issues like menopause and PMS. Use in tiny quantities.

Tomato sauces call out for a dash of this intense dried form of the common herb. Egypt produces an intensely flavored basil with hints of an anise flavor and a mild sweetness. Its aroma is released fully in cooked dishes, but it is also delicate and overcooking will dissipate it.

In Syria, a spice mixture called Zahtar is a
popular condiment and used to season fried and
barbecued meats. It combines the nutty taste of
sesame with sumac and dried thyme. Similar
mixtures are reported from Lebanon and Jordan. Zahtar
is often mixed with olive oil and spread on pita bread.

With a fruity, tangy taste, Tangerine Sugar will add a freshly-peeled citrus burst to salads, drinks and desserts. A simply refreshing treat, used in any dish that needs a splash of grove-grown flavor.

Dried White Chinese Ju Hua Blossoms / Chrysanthemum morifolium / Sweet-herbal Infusion / Beautiful white flowers with a herbal-sweet flavor and many healthy benefits.
Usually combined with Black & Green Tea leaves, the edible flower Ju Hua is used for liver and vascular balancing, coughs, as a good sedative, for dizziness, cleansing, detox etc. High in antioxidants.
A touch of herb and licorice on the palate. Blend also with your favorite herbs & teas.

After Dinner or bedtime beverage / This Wild or German Chamomile with its active ingredient chamazulene makes a great tasting ‘After Dinner Tea’. It is also used for its calming effect, in healthy skin cosmetics and known for its anti-allergic actions.
Harvested in Egypt, where Ramses II already in 1250 BC was using its oils in healing rituals. Taken internally or externally, this potent Wild Chamomile is an exellent and safe herb for everyday use.

Superior Tippy Grade – An excellent Green Tippy Whole Leaf China Tea with flavorful Jasmine blossoms.
The ‘Chung Hao’ is known to be a rare and precious variety of the Green Jasmine Teas. A fresh and delicate bouquet with a superb Jasmine touch on the palate.
Honey-colored infusion.

Original Grade / Pure unblended leaves from the Red Rooibos bush. The Rooitea or ‘Rooibos Tea’ is the ‘Soft Drink’ from South Africa that is becoming increasingly popular with people who enjoy its mild, gentle fragrance and appreciate it as a healthy beverage because of its beneficial effects.
This organically grown Rooibos is low in tannin and carries a high content of antioxidants. It has a pleasant sweet taste and is delicious either hot or cold, and can be enjoyed with sugar or milk, can be mixed with fruit juice and ice cubes to prepare an exotic cocktail.

Fleur de Sel by Le Trésor is from the Guérande region of France and is certified Organic. This is truly the best of the best of French gourmet sea salts.

A new breed of natural smoked salt, this Pacific Sea Salt is slow smoked over real alderwood, giving its it’s authentic, clean smoke flavor. Salish™ smoked sea salt is a 100% natural way to add authentic smoked flavor with no strange aftertaste. No liquid smoke, artificial flavors or coloring are added.
Salish Smoked Sea Salt combines traditional Alderwood flavor with sea salt to create a most unique and beautiful spice to use in any of your favorite recipes, both on and off the BBQ.
Once referring to the Puget Sound, the name Salish™ comes from the Native American Indians- the first to inhabit the great Pacific Northwest. In fact, Northwest Red Alderwood has been used to smoke salmon and other meats for hundreds and hundreds of years, making it a true Northwest tradition.

Sonoma Kosher Flake Salt is a unique, pyramid shaped crystal with stair-step sides. The irregular crystals make this salt ideal for cooking and seasoning as well as an accent for refreshments that call for a salt-rimmed glass. Sonoma Flake is commonly used by spice blenders due to the increased surface area that improves adherence to food. Contains no additives.

Kala Namak or Black Salt is a special type of Indian mineral salt. It is actually pinkish grey rather than black and has a very distinctiive sulfurous mineral taste (like hard boiled egg yolks).
Black Salt is used in Indian cuisine as a condiment and is added to chaats, chutneys, raitas and many other savory Indian snacks.

Take your favorite crusty sourdough bread, spread with butter and top with a pinch of Tomato Fusion Salt. What could be better or easier? The rich tomato flavor is created by a special process that actually incorporates the whole tomato. This is literally tomatoes mixed with sea salt. Great for soups and sauces, topping appetizers or mixed with herbs to create an amazing spice rub.

Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt is an all natural sea salt that delivers a straight from the herb garden flavor. A perfect pairing with roasted potatoes, it will make this simple dish extraordinary. Add to any dish to give it a fresh, herbed taste.

Bite into a grain of this salt and you’re in for a treat…the flavor explodes, just like you have bitten into a fresh green chili. This salt is more than simply spicy – it has a three dimensional flavor that is an unexpected surprise. This is great for Mexican dishes and seafood. How about trying a pinch of Chili Verde sea salt on a bowl of chocolate ice cream?

Durango Hickory Smoked Salt is created when delicate Pacific sea salt flakes are naturally smoked over premium Hickory hard wood. The resulting smoke flavor is full and clean without the bitterness. There are no artificial flavors added. Hickory smoke is synonymous with southern cooking. Durango works magic with ribs, burgers, red meat, turkey, and chicken.

Yakima Applewood Smoked Sea Salt is a flaky sea salt that utilizes sweet Applewood to fuel the fires that flavor this naturally smoked sea salt. Aged Applewood is one of the most popular of the fruit woods used in smoking, and creates a delicious, savory flavor. Yakima Smoked Sea Salt has a subtle fruit wood flavor that is mild enough to use with fish, shellfish, and poultry. Pork, sausage, ham, and bacon are also delicious when cooked or cured with this smoked salt.

Fumee de Sel by Le Tresor is unlike any smoked sea salt available. Fleur de Sel is cold smoked with Chardonnay oak chips to preserve the mineral content and natural flavor of the salt.
Le Tresor – Fleur De Sel is smoked from seasoned French oak wine barrels, which for years have been used in the aging of fine wines. The five to seven year old barrels are hand selected for wood smoking chips.
Starting with salt crystals that are hand raked in France and ending with the all natural smoking that has to be done in very small batches. This unique smoked salt is hand made from start to finish. The crystals are smoked to a light toasty brown and have a deep smoke flavor without being bitter. The moist Fleur de Sel crystals readily absorb the natural smoked flavors of the oak and chardonnay.

Peruvian Pink salt comes from a natural spring located 10,000 feet high in the Mountains in Peru. The warm spring water seeps into terraced salt ponds. This salt has been hand-harvested for over 2,000 years. The crystals have a high moisture content and a light pink color. Peruvian Pink salt has a strong flavor and is a great seasoning salt.

The French perfected the art of high quality, hand-harvested sea salt by using centuries old Celtic methods. It’s no coincidence they produce the finest grey sea salt in the world. Sel Gris is known for its beautiful grey color, coming from the clay lining the salt ponds, as well as its high moisture content and extraordinary mineral content, with bonus nutrients not found in most sea salts.
Sel Gris Fine is the very same high quality grey salt as the coarser varieties, but is stone ground for easy dispensing from a salt shaker. No additives of any kind are mixed with the salt. The naturally delicious flavor of grey salt and its lower sodium content make this a perfect replacement for ordinary table salt.