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Among cooks, this herb is popularly associated with vinegar and fish. Its anise-like character is particularly suited to both, use the leaves fresh in salads, as garnishes, or in such classic applications as remoulade sauce, tartar sauce, béarnaise sauce, French dressing, and veal Marengo. In general, don’t add this herb with a heavy hand, and avoid bringing out its bitter side by cooking it too long.

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MEDICINAL: stimulate the appetite, relieve flatulence and colic, and cure rheumatism.


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Thyme (Morocco)

Thyme tastes delicately green with a faint clove aftertaste, Leaves and sprigs are used in salads as garnishes and most famously in clam chowder, bouquets garnis, and French, Creole, and Cajun cuisines. Thyme works well with veal, lamb, beef, poultry, fish & poultry.

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MEDICINAL: Thyme warms and stimulates the lungs, expels mucus, and relieves congestion. It also helps deter bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Both constituents thymol and carvacrol have a relaxing effect upon the gastrointestinal tract’s smooth muscles.

ORIGIN: Morocco

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Thyme, France

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ORIGIN: France

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