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a pinch or pack of perfect spices...

A Georgian blend

This sweet and sharp chile from the old Armenian region of Anteb
in Turkey has strong heat that doesn’t overpower
it’s fruity flavor. Some dishes use only this chile as
a seasoning because the complexity can stand alone.
An all around favorite because it brings out the best
in everything from fish and vegetables to tenderloin.

Tourtière (Toor‐ti‐AIR) is a traditional French Canadian meat pie served during the holidays, delicately seasoned with savory, nutmeg, and other fragrant spices. This blend is an easy way to get that special holiday flavor.

A blend designed specifically for rubbing ribs!

For that classic smoky and sweet flavor, with a touch of heat. Just rub abundantly on your meat dry or turn it into a smothering bbq sauce with some tomato paste or soy or both; and grill or roast away!

Bold, zesty, but sweet at heart, this is a great all purpose BBQ blend that goes especially well with pork and poultry. Smoked and sun-dried chilies, horseradish, honey powder, and garlic all give this blend lots of personality.

Our version of the beloved New England spice mix. Great as an all purpose seasoning, with crab cakes, seafood, and potatoes in all forms.

Merken is a mild, smoky blend of chili peppers, coriander, spices and other herbs. It is a traditional food among the Mapuche Indians of Chile. It’s fantastic as a general condiment, added to fresh cheeses, soups, or as a rub.

Mukwas are part breath-freshener, part digestive remedy. Eat a spoonful of this tasty mix after a large meal to perk up the tummy and clean the palate. It is also nice added to thick yogurt to make raita (a cooling yogurt sauce).

Did you know that curry is one of Japan’s favorite home‐cooked “comfort foods”? Japanese curry is mild and savory, usually added in abundance to a hot roux and used to make a thick gravy broth for chunky soup with rice. Kare Raisu is also great simply sprinkled in rice before cooking.

Awesome Greek flavor for salads, yogurt dips, sauces and olives. This is a blend of all the quintes‐ sential herbs, all that’s needed is plenty of fresh garlic!