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a pinch or pack of perfect spices...

Our version of the beloved New England spice mix. Great as an all purpose seasoning, with crab cakes, seafood, and potatoes in all forms.

Merken is a mild, smoky blend of chili peppers, coriander, spices and other herbs. It is a traditional food among the Mapuche Indians of Chile. It’s fantastic as a general condiment, added to fresh cheeses, soups, or as a rub.

Mukwas are part breath-freshener, part digestive remedy. Eat a spoonful of this tasty mix after a large meal to perk up the tummy and clean the palate. It is also nice added to thick yogurt to make raita (a cooling yogurt sauce).

Did you know that curry is one of Japan’s favorite home‐cooked “comfort foods”? Japanese curry is mild and savory, usually added in abundance to a hot roux and used to make a thick gravy broth for chunky soup with rice. Kare Raisu is also great simply sprinkled in rice before cooking.

Awesome Greek flavor for salads, yogurt dips, sauces and olives. This is a blend of all the quintes‐ sential herbs, all that’s needed is plenty of fresh garlic!

Biryani, a deliciously‐seasoned rice dish made with fish, meat or vegetables, is almost a national obsession in some parts of India. Try this versatile blend in any biryani recipe, accompanied by a few whole spices.

Bouquet Garni (“Garnished Bouquet”) is a mix of many classic French herbs, including parsley, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, basil and bay leaves. Tradition‐ ally used in a herb bundle or sachet in soup stock and stews, including the famous Ossobuco, Beef Bour‐ guinon, and, of course, French Onion Soup.

This is a spicy red curry blend with lemony and sweet notes. Great as an addition to rich curry gravies, as a dry rub, and anywhere you want a hot curry taste.

A combo of white, black, red and green peppercorns with allspice berries and coriander seed. Use this as a colorful pepper grinder fill, and also this goes great in traditional French gravy aux poivres.

The traditional spices for making zesty, mouth‐ watering pickles, including turmeric, mustard, corian‐ der and dill seed, bay leaf, and black and green pep‐ percorns. But we go beyond that with a touch of arbol chile and black lime. Try it in spiced sauerkraut, and any type of pickles.